The PRTU-FRONT-END kit is a complete BACnet front-end solution for small to medium sized networks. It features the Price Web Server (PRTU-WEB) which hosts all web pages containing graphics and BACnet points reported by the system controllers.

The Web Server is accessed from any computer on the local network using a web browser with the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Remote access is possible from across the globe with the use of Port Forwarding on the computer network.

Contained within the webserver are pre-loaded templates with graphics and points lists for the popular Price controls. Changes to the graphics or the creation of new custom graphics are supported right from the web interface.

The FRONT-END kit contains all the parts required to network the controls, connect them to the web server, and interface to the building LAN system at a single point.

To log in to a demonstration Price Web Server, use the following credentials:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Access web server...